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The Coincidence of All (tba)

A three-ring concept based on A by William Lamplighter.

Illusions of Reference (2012)

On Peckham Rye Common in London 2012, Illusions of Reference concluded a project solicited by Arts Council England to creatively utilise a defunct London bus. Animated by psychedelic scenography, inhabited by a headless enigma, Illusions was an Absurdist Olympian quest to revive a dead double-decker with the dramaturgy of Delphi.

Human Document (2006-11)

Based on Olive Pixley's Spiritual Journey, an audio-driven mix of mime and aerial was extensively road-tested throughout London and Iberia before its official première at the Underground Theatre Festival in Arad. The show went on to play the New Circus Festival in Zagreb and sell out Wilton's Music Hall and Stratford Circus in London.

Psychological Art Circus (2004-06)

PAC debuted with an itinerary beginning at L'Académie Fratellini, Paris, concluding precisely two years later in La Convención Latina de Circo, Bogotá. From the case history of Anna O. an international troupe devised an evolving “Private Theatre” of balance, projection and object manipulation.

PAC, HD, IOR posters: Harald Smykla
HD uk tour management, IOR production: Irini-Mirena Papadimitriou
IOR event management: Lucy O'Regan
IOR marketing: Francesca Brooks

All shows had support-in-kind by way of very generous development time at Area 10 Project Space Peckham, courtesy of the London Borough of Southwark. Human Document had a Freedm Studio R&D residency at Roundhouse in 2008 and the Arts Council of England supported its 2010/11 UK tour. Illusions of Reference was project-funded by Arts Council England and received venue hire support-in-kind from Southwark Council.

funding logos: Area 10, Arts Council England, Roundhouse, Southwark Council

Many Thanks

Emily Druiff, Dimitri Launder, Anila Ladwa, Adrian Fisher, Luna Rojas Montenegro, Dani d'Emilia, Yoshi Imamura, Łukasz Gargala, Alon Ramage, Jon Roome, Suzy Adderley, Beth Elliott, Paula Roush, KISSS, Kevin Leahy, Louise Venn, Scènes de Cirque, Exploding Cinema, L'Imprimerie, Circle Community, Sunčica Remenar, Autonomni Kulturni Centar Attack, Vlaamse Mime Federatie, Muro de Espuma, Guerrilla Zoo, Mad Chicks, Bermondsey Artists Group, Amanda Rodgers, Index Arts, Violaine Bailleul, Jorge Delgado, Animasur, Lucia Marques, Jorge Rocha, Cultural Centre of Lagos, Chapel Project, Collision, Victoria Frolova, Casa de Cultură a Municipiului Arad, Ivan Kralj, Mala Performerska Scena, Clifftown Theatre, Adrian Berry, Frances Mayhew, John Quigley, Rae Boswell, Paula Van Hagen, Tania Wilmer, Spyro Kotsaftis, Ivan Hartl, Manuel Vason, Madalena Pinto, Boom Festival, Robin Harvey, Virginia Fernandez de Gamboa, Antigone Mavridou, Geneva Foster Gluck, Chelsey Johannsen, Meline Danielewicz, Astra Beck, Maia Sambonet, Ossian Jungergård, Krystian Godlewski, Kamil Piotr Adamus, Magdalena Tuka, Sandro Spanu, Ágnes Czérna, Janeina, Shantalle, Chiara, Leila Jones, Lucy Bramley, Old Lambeth Fire Station, John Carroll at La Gare, Marigny le Cahouët, every helpful venue technician along our way, and all the wonderful volunteers for our own events. Special thanks to Linda Dobell, Pim Conradi

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